Is your business domain Blacklisted?


How to find out if your business domain has been blacklisted

What does it mean when your business domain has been blacklisted? Domain gets blacklisted when either the business website or the office IP address related to the domain have been breached by hackers or viruses. There are internet firewalls that filter internet traffic. When these firewalls find unusual traffic coming from your business website, the firewall will gather as much information as possible about the offending domain. This information will then be posted in a blacklist, THIS IS VERY BAD.

These are some symptoms that will alert you to your domain having been blacklisted:

  • Company emails will be returned with the following error: Error that the other server returned was: 554 Denied [CS]
  • Some people will receive your emails, others won’t
  • Business website shows a red screen with messages of spyware
  • Business website is very slow

The following are reasons why your domain has been blacklisted:

  • Business website has been infected with viruses
  • Business website has been hacked
  • Business office computers have been infected with viruses
  • Business office has been sending out spam
  • Your ISP flagged your office traffic due to suspicious traffic
  • Expired website SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate, VERY IMPORTANT!

There are plenty of tools that scan your website for any problems due to blacklisting. We like to use to find out all information about any customer that have been blacklisted.

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