Computer Killers – Top 3 – Keep your computer alive

dusty fan

Why did your computer stop working?

Has it ever happened that you are happily working on your computer, then suddenly it restarts or worse, it shuts down to never turn on again? Well this happens everyday to many people who usually end up abandoning their computers. Others will simply take it into a computer shop and spend over $100 just to find out they could have avoided this tragedy.

Most common computer killers

Unexpected computer failure can be caused by many reasons, here are the top 3 computer killers:

  1. Over Heating

    Heat is caused by many reasons, fast computer chips, bad contact between metal and chips on board, dead fans, dust, etc. Whatever the cause, heat has been a problem to electronics since electronics existed. A lot of research goes into passing heat to an external source outside the computer.

  2. Too Much Dust

    Dust can kill a computer in a short amount of time. Dust will get into every nook and cranny of your computer. It will break fans which will then increase heat in the computer and cause your computer to fail. Dust can also cause shorts in your computer motherboard. Electricity will flow through dust, depending on the make up of your dust. The more dust is packed between the electronics in your board, the more energy will flow and short your computer. This happens fast and quietly.

  3. Low Memory (RAM)

    You may be like, What, ram can break my computer? This may sound unreasonable, but believe me when I tell you. If you are running any version of Windows or Apple OS in only 2GB of RAM, you are asking for trouble. The reason is that when your computer operating system runs low on RAM, it uses the hard drive as temporary memory storage. This in turn causes the hard drive to be overused over time. Your hard drive will then work harder than expected and cut its lifetime down to only a couple of years, if you are lucky.

How to avoid these computer killers.

It is very simple to keep your computer running fast and for a very long time. Here is a quick list and make sure to follow these instructions:

  • Change noisy or bad fans, this will keep your computer cool and it is one of the least expensive solutions. Fans are usually easy to replace.
  • Keep your computer dust free. How much dusting you have to do to your computer depends on how dusty your work area is. I have found out that no matter how clean an area is, your computer will find dust from your surrounding area.
  • Check how much RAM your computer has. Most store bought computers will cut down the ram in the computers they sell to only have the bare minimum. This is no accident, they know that your hard drive will fail in a few months and you’ll have to come back and buy a replacement hard drive. RAM is inexpensive and can be purchased online. If you are wondering how much ram is enough then I can tell you that 8GB – 16GB (or max) will improve your computer speed and your user experience. You will love your computer after this easy upgrade.
  • The Silver or ceramic paste layer that helps transfer heat between the motherboard chips and cooling metals will dry up over time. The paste usually costs between $5-$10 depending where you buy. You only need to use a small drop on each chip when you apply. Make sure to clean any old dry paste by using a dry piece of paper towel.

I hope that your computer is still working when you are reading this post. Le me know in the comments if you have any questions or if you have your own suggestions. Stay safe.

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