System Restore – 3 reasons to use it

system restore

What is System Restore?

System Restore is software provided by Microsoft in your Windows operating systems. You have been able to use it since Windows 98SE, but it got forgotten as a great recovery tool. Windows System Restore is one of the first tools that I use to try and recover the quickest. Problem  is that it is turned off by default. Users need to setup the software so that it happens at least once.

A lot of software out there will create a restore point, but not all. It is up to administrator and users to have it running. There are scripts that will help you do this automatically. Like everything  it has to be setup, check back for full instructions on how to set this up using a script.

I hope that with this information you can finally use and setup this great tool. I have put together the 3 biggest reasons why you should do this:

  1. Easy to do. It is easy to use and it can help in recovering from a virus attack. There are plenty of ways to recover from a system failure. If you did setup System Restore then you have saved yourself a lot of trouble.
  2. Easy to setup. It takes some practice, but it is only a few easy steps. Seting up System Restore is easy if you have the right script (coming soon). System restore can be scheduled to run once a week.
  3. Save you Money! If this does not does it then I don’t know what. You can do this yourself, avoiding calling an expensive computer technician. System Restore saves you money by being able to bring you back from a system failure. You fixed it so you don’t have to pay anyone.

System restore is available to you in the restore menu (click F8 during start up).  You will get a repair menu that gives you System Restore as an option. Newer Windows version offer it as System Repair.

You should get a positive result quickly. Most system restores take about 15 minutes. Call a technician if after trying to recover yourself If all else fails.

Hacker in your computer?

how to catch a hacker

Catching a hacker

Got Hacked?

Hello, my name is Joel Laguna and I am a tech at IT Geek Techs. Today I got a call from one of my customers letting me know that his computer was talking to him. It was telling my customer to call a phone number to remove a virus. So instead of calling the hacker he called me to check his computer. I ran a scan and the computer was clean. There was a large red screen from chrome saying that his computer was hacked. But my customer knew better since this had happened before when He visited a hacked site.

A hacker will have a website available with links that will re-route your traffice without your knowing. Nowadays this is the way a hacker are getting to your computer. The hacker will scare you into calling and giving them remote control. They will sound professional and read you all the answers to your questions. Don’t let them fool you, the screen will be difficult to close and will keep on top of other windows.

Here is what to do if this happens to you.

  • Take a picture with your phone if you can.
  • Write down the URL address that shows up on the top of the window.
  • Write down the phone number.
  • Call your IT support or someone that you trust.
  • Restart the computer, this will get rid of the screen.
  • Report the badware site here:

All this will help take down the hackers, since search engines will blacklist and break their websites. They will have to pay money to renew or maintain their sites. Eventually the hacker will run out of hacking tools and will have to create a new way to hack.

Stay alert and stay smart.